PTCB Certification Verification

In order to verify the PTCB Certification status of a pharmacy technician, enter information into at least one of the fields below and click Search. To receive better results, populate as many fields as possible.

Only individuals who have been certified by PTCB will be displayed. 

Below are definitions of all potential certification statuses:

Active: Currently certified.
Expired: Not currently certified, but eligible for reinstatement.
Uncertified: Not certified and must reapply.
Suspended: Not certified. Certification is suspended.
Revoked: Not certified. Certification has been revoked.
Emeritus: Inactive, Retired and/or no longer a practicing pharmacy technician. Read more

Once your search is complete, you may download your results to a file for use in Microsoft Excel or similar programs. The link is below your search results. Additionally, you may download a PDF version of a single verification record. Choose the download link to the right of the corresponding record.

The verification information provided by PTCB is obtained from PTCB Certification records which are securely maintained. PTCB makes all reasonable effort to ensure that the certification record information is reported and published in an accurate and complete manner. PTCB grants initial certification to individuals who meet a number of program requirements, including a passing score on the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE). All current or past holders of a certificate received a passing score on a PTCB approved exam.

Note for Recent Candidates

If you took your exam on or before January 12, 2020, your results have been uploaded. Please note that certain third-party testing sites deliver results after our posting date and will be included in the next results upload. If you took your exam on or before the date listed above, and your results are not available, please notify us using our Help Center.

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